Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thing 6 Organizing and Saving Content Online

Thing 6 Organizing and Saving Content Online

I totally love Evernote. I have not really used it since I got the account, but this forced me to explore it and I realize it is key for organizing my online sources. I have been filing things in emails and really it is pathetic and I can never find the articles or video's or images I saved. It is also great for adding things people send to me. I can have a folder for Language and Literature and different parts of the course and then break them down in to topics. I will definitely be using Evernote now. I didn't like Pocket as much, I found it a bit harder to navigate and save content. It took me a little while to figure it out. I do not think I will use this one as most of what I find and save is long term. Enjoyed this activity and already have  several folders for my start of the year in 11th grade.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thing 8 Storybooking

Digital Storytelling
I enjoyed this experience very much. I enjoyed the process of how to create a digital story and could see doing it both for personal and professional reasons. This digital story is a little personal but it also for a class. The assignment will be to choose 1-6 photographs linking to 3-4 different aspects of your life that have contributed in making your identity. This links to a unit on social relationships and identity. Students will first consider what are the most important factors that have contributed to who they are - for me it is where I am from, my family and friends, my love of literature and my love of travel. I actually created a second one for Macbeth and introducing the historical aspect of Macbeth, I wrote a rap and then had visuals and words added to focus on certain text, which is important. I have added both.

Personally it would be great to create a video of a holiday with my kids for family and friends to see since we are so far away.



Thing 4

Kahoots versus Evernote - honestly I found Kahoots very annoying having to flip back and forth between two tabs. I would not use this because of that sole reason. I found it a bit too simplistic and might use it if I were to teach middle school again, but for the purpose of HS and studying literature I do not think the time it takes to create a quiz would be worth merely checking for basic comprehension. I find evernote similar and an not sure I will use that either. This may lend itself better to science and math in you can have simple one or two word answers versus what we want them to do in literature. It may work for 9th grade with creating study guides for Romeo and Juliet based on their exam study and Lord of the Flies as it is our first unit and can be difficult so comprehension is necessary when reading at home.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Evernote and Kahoot

I will be honest here I did not really like either of these. I found it extremely irritating to go back and forth between tabs for kahoots and I find it difficult to be able to do answers that can really have very different wording when studying literature. This was similar with Evernote which my students took the Romeo and Juliet quiz and if the smallest thing was different than the answer it was shown as wrong. Unless I plan on one word answers for questions or solely do multiple choice or true and false it seems to defeat the purpose. I do not think I would use either of these in my Language and Literature classes. I might consider them for my language b class if looking at very basic comprehension for home reading. I found creating the quiz was more work than the end result. I liked evernote better only because I did not like flipping between tabs.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thing 3 - Mind mapping

I enjoyed Mindmup much more than lucid because I felt I could map my character more effectively. I did not really like lucid charts as for my purpose of following a character I felt it could become a little more convoluted even with the most basic format. I will use Mindmup for mapping characters in novels you can follow how they grow or emotions change or events they experience for instant recall later. I have not used too many other mapping tools and this was my first one with new technology.

I chose the most simple lucid chart for Macbeth's emotions in Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

mind mapping software