Thursday, March 20, 2014

Google Apps and extensions

I decided to add the following google apps: evernote web, quizlet and quote book. I am nots sure how these will play into education and how I can use them as a teacher. I hope to use quizlet and will try to use it for end of the year study for my 12th grade literature novels. I think that will be helpful for students. I also am not sure about the quote book - it seems kind of cool, but not sure how it will work until I really try it out. Evernote I have heard a lot about and hope to make it a habit to use it. I added the following extensions: clearly as it seems like it would be very helpful reading texts on line as I absolutely hate all the filler and advertisements around texts. I think this will be great for both students and teachers. I added print friendly as that is also another aspect that seems excellent considering the use of on-line texts for the Language B course and Language and Literature course that rely heavily on texts found on line. Lastly, I added facebook for chrome, I am not sure how this will work but I am hoping to work around the school block to see what I can use this for as I am sometimes in contact with authors of the literature we read or the people we research in the Language B course and it would be great to have a way to show these communications with students. I hope to have the time in the next week before moving onto thing 3 to play around with these programs and see what they can be used for in my class.