Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thing 3 - Mind mapping

I enjoyed Mindmup much more than lucid because I felt I could map my character more effectively. I did not really like lucid charts as for my purpose of following a character I felt it could become a little more convoluted even with the most basic format. I will use Mindmup for mapping characters in novels you can follow how they grow or emotions change or events they experience for instant recall later. I have not used too many other mapping tools and this was my first one with new technology.


I chose the most simple lucid chart for Macbeth's emotions in Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

mind mapping software

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Wendy! I couldn't actually view the MindMup-- did you get the "shareable" link? Or maybe it needs to be made public. Anyway, I found Lucidchart to be convoluted as well, although several other people in the program loved it! It's nice that there's something for everyone for almost every tool out there.