Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thing 4

Kahoots versus Evernote - honestly I found Kahoots very annoying having to flip back and forth between two tabs. I would not use this because of that sole reason. I found it a bit too simplistic and might use it if I were to teach middle school again, but for the purpose of HS and studying literature I do not think the time it takes to create a quiz would be worth merely checking for basic comprehension. I find evernote similar and an not sure I will use that either. This may lend itself better to science and math in you can have simple one or two word answers versus what we want them to do in literature. It may work for 9th grade with creating study guides for Romeo and Juliet based on their exam study and Lord of the Flies as it is our first unit and can be difficult so comprehension is necessary when reading at home.


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