Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Evernote and Kahoot

I will be honest here I did not really like either of these. I found it extremely irritating to go back and forth between tabs for kahoots and I find it difficult to be able to do answers that can really have very different wording when studying literature. This was similar with Evernote which my students took the Romeo and Juliet quiz and if the smallest thing was different than the answer it was shown as wrong. Unless I plan on one word answers for questions or solely do multiple choice or true and false it seems to defeat the purpose. I do not think I would use either of these in my Language and Literature classes. I might consider them for my language b class if looking at very basic comprehension for home reading. I found creating the quiz was more work than the end result. I liked evernote better only because I did not like flipping between tabs.

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  1. Thanks Wendy. I can see how Kahoot wouldn't be the right tool for the more sophisticated questioning you get into with higher level curriculum, but is better suited to basic comprehension. Sorry you didn't like Evernote-- I'll try not to hold it against you! ;)