Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thing 8 Storybooking

Digital Storytelling
I enjoyed this experience very much. I enjoyed the process of how to create a digital story and could see doing it both for personal and professional reasons. This digital story is a little personal but it also for a class. The assignment will be to choose 1-6 photographs linking to 3-4 different aspects of your life that have contributed in making your identity. This links to a unit on social relationships and identity. Students will first consider what are the most important factors that have contributed to who they are - for me it is where I am from, my family and friends, my love of literature and my love of travel. I actually created a second one for Macbeth and introducing the historical aspect of Macbeth, I wrote a rap and then had visuals and words added to focus on certain text, which is important. I have added both.

Personally it would be great to create a video of a holiday with my kids for family and friends to see since we are so far away.




  1. AMAZING. I loved it. What a great example of a digital story as a short, yet exceedingly meaningful and impactful way to talk about something? Thank you for posting, and if your students do end up making these, I would love to see the results. Also, George Winston's "December" is one of my all-time favorite albums, and using that as the music in the background really fit in with the rest of the media. Fabulous job!!! Thank you!

  2. Thanks. I will definitely have my kids do these. I may try and do thing 5 with this telling them how to create a digital story if I can figure thing 5 out.