Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vietnam Travel


Thing 9 - Twitter

Thing 9 - Twitter

I will admit that it was a little daunting figuring Twitter out. The profile was easy enough with Alicia's tutorial and through those I understood the concept. When it came to actually tweeting I sought help - I spoke with David Collett and Alexa Mazarakis for a little input as to what I was supposed to be doing. I learned two very different ways to approach twitter so I would suggest asking a friend to sit down with you for five minutes and get the low down.

I will use this professionally and have already read some very interesting articles posted. I will use it to broaden my academic articles and finding great material and keep up on events in the world. I will explore this throughout the summer and find more people to follow.


My handle is debettencourtw

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thing 5 - Screencasting iMovie

Thing 5 - Screencasting iMovie

I created a screen cast for iMovie - it is the most basic one but I liked it. I found screencast-o-matic easy to use once I got help downloading it to the computer. I think the free version is enough for the way I would use it. It was fun. I think I will use this and hope to become a little less nervous - I did this recording around four times. One of the reasons was I had audio issues on the iMovie not the screencast and decided not to worry about it in the end. My first recording was um..spectacular and so I rerecorded with less ums.

Here is my youtube connection I hope it works.